What would you do if you could steal memories?

Sarilla is a memory thief who hates what she can do. Forced to steal memories for the king, she has learnt enough to know that everybody lies, cheats and steals. Join her as she fights to get free of him for good.

What would you do if your memories were stolen?

Falon is fighting to get his back. He even plans on using a memory thief to help him, but memori are tricky creatures. Will Falon get what he wants or will he end up regretting that the past didn’t stay forgotten?

 “The Last Memoria is a heartbreaking black tragedy that keeps you at the edge of your seat.” – The New England Book Critic

“This was a dynamic read that I’d certainly recommend!” – The Reading Corner for All

“It is about flawed, morally grey characters doing their best, and their worst, in an equally flawed, morally grey world, and anyone who loves dark fantasy and doesn’t pick up this book ASAP has made an equally flawed, morally grey decision.” – The Young Folks

“An enthralling new take on fantasy.” – The Nerd Daily

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Last Memoria
Written and audionarrated by Rachel Emma Shaw
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

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